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Taking care of your jewellery

  • Being a mixture of natural elements, silver, copper and brass will tarnish and/or develop a patina over time.  

  • Some stirling silver pieces are oxidized for effect, avoid dipping these in silver cleaning chemicals as it will remove the oxidization.

  • Avoid getting skin lotions, soap, perfume etc on your jewellery as the metal will tarnish and some of the stones and especially the pearls can be damaged.

  • Jewellery that is polished to a high gloss can be cleaned with dishwashing liquid and a soft toothbrush.  If it does not have a gemstone in it, it can be dipped in a commercial sterling silver cleaner that can be purchased from any jeweller.

  • Jewellery with a satin or low gloss finish can be given a new life with extra fine steelwool.  A lot of my organic  pieces are finished off this way. This includes copper and brass jewellery.  Just be careful with any gemstones.

  • The more you wear your jewellery the less it will tarnish as the body's natural oils will rub off on it and protect it.

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