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Email:             cecilia.robinson @ gmail . com

Mobile:          +27 (0)79 191 3850

General Notes:

1     I really want you to be happy with your purchase.  If you are not satisfied, for whatever reason, I will gladly refund your money provided I receive it back in the same condition as when I sent it to you.  The return shipping costs will be for your account.

2    Shipping costs:   I use a  courier service at an extra cost of R95 per purchase in South Africa.   For orders from other countries, a quote for shipping will first be obtained.   If you are near my area in Darling, you can of course collect it yourself.

3    When ordering a ring, please make very sure of the size required.  The best way to know your ring size is to pop into your nearest jeweller and ask them to take your ring size. Most jewellers, like myself, work in US sizes, but any size is fine, I can convert it.  It is not possible to resize a ring if it has a stone in it.  Wider rings should be a bit bigger than narrow rings, as they are not comfortable if they fit too tight.

4    The actual size of an item  in the photograph is quite deceptive, please check the measurements to familiarize yourself with the actual size of the piece.

5   The price of an item is calculated by the cost of the stone, the weight of the Sterling Silver used in the piece  and the amount of time it took to make it.

6    Sterling Silver does tarnish when exposed to air, keep your jewellery in ziplock bags to protect them from this. I find that if you wear your jewellery regularly this is not an issue as the natural oils of one’s body protects the piece from tarnishing.  If necessary, use a TINY bit of Silvo to clean it, and then polish with an old cloth. Use an old toothbrush to clean out any Silvo left behind, rinse in water and polish.  Please note that if you use a commercial Sterling Silver cleaner, it will also remove the oxidization effect that I have put on some pieces.

7    Copper is a natural element found in the earth.  When exposed to air and the human skin it develops a patina that makes it change its colour over time and it may also stain the skin depending on your skin chemistry after wearing for prolonged periods. This is not harmful and some health-conscious people believe it has healing properties.  Simply wash off with soap and water.  I apply a coat of sprayed-on clear acrylic lacquer or wax to minimise this and to preserve the colour for as long as possible, but please note that it is quite likely that the colour will change over time.