My first post ever ………

So here I go, writing my first post.  I have been talking about doing this forever, and now that my blog and my website is ready, I am having lots of doubts.  Why am I actually doing this?  There is still time to quit!  But after all the time and effort my personal website developer (my son really) has spent on setting  this site up for me, I have to give it a go.

While making my jewellery I always have these conversations going round and round in my head, and I always think, if I had a blog I could tell everyone about this or that,  how I make this piece of jewellery, or about the new stones I received in the post today, or, or, or….  So that is why I have decided to start this blog, so that I can empty my head of all the conversations going on in there.  I am not going crazy, I think, just a little pre-occupied!

I have promised myself that I’m going to try and keep this blog spontaneous, and to  write whatever comes to mind.   I am not going to worry about grammar and spelling, as I have never been good at that anyway.  It is also no good for me to put spellcheck on, as I sometimes use some Afrikaans words in my writing, and spellcheck hates that!  My first language is Afrikaans, so, people, please keep in mind that I am writing in my second tongue! (Just to explain, overseas people, Afrikaans is one of our 11 national languages in our rainbow country)(Or is it 13?)



I am worried that you might already be bored by my ramblings, so I have included a photo at this stage.  This is the view from my “studio”.  Just a pity about the burglar bars, but that is quite usual here in South Africa. My workspace (or BENCH as we call it in jewellery lingo) is not usually this tidy,  but I cleared it especially for this photo.  My studio is really just my ceramics studio, (which is really just a spare bedroom in our house) with a board covering my pottery wheel, and lots of nails hammered into the walls to hang things on.  This was going to be used for just a one week project, but here I am, nearly 2 years later, still going strong. I am very hesitant to turn it into a proper studio, just in case it becomes too serious and people (like my husband) start to expect things from me.


If you want to be a real jeweller, people, you can never have too many hammers!

When I was in my early twenties, I attended a course in jewellerymaking at the Yeoville Recreation Centre.  Those were the days when a lot of us still had flats in Hillbrow, Bellevue and Yeoville and recreations centres were still thriving.  After about two years of making jewellery for only myself, I got bored with it and moved on to ceramics (again).  In those days we did not have any internet, and I only had a few dusty old handbooks on “Jewellerymaking for the Beginner”  so there was no visual stimulation or inspiration of one’s creative senses as there is today.  Also, I did not have daughters who love my jewellery!

I had become very involved in ceramics, and in 2014 I was making a sculptural apple out of black clay for the National Exhibition and needed a sterling silver stalk to hold up the leaves of this apple.  I thought I would have to commission a jeweller to do this for me, when, suddenly, I remembered the old box of jewellerymaking tools stuck away in the garage for over 40 years.  When I opened it, I not only found the tools, but also sterling silver wire and plate.  I later weighed and valued the silver at over R10 000!  It was like winning the Lotto!  And it had been lying in our garage for over 40 years!

However, I could not remember much of what I had learnt all those years ago, and joined a class nearby to learn the basics again. But it was like riding a bicycle, as soon as I lit my first oxyacetyline torch, it all came rushing back!  Long story short, I made the apple stalk plus a bunch of other jewellery, and I have not stopped since.


Winters Apple

Basalt Clay Apple with Sterling Silver Stalk

Just because you asked so nicely, here are my two other entries for the 2014 Nationals

Mr Raptor View 1

Mr Raptor

Dancing Egrets View 1

Dancing Egrets

No, I did not win any awards at the Nationals, but then, there is no accounting for taste, is there?

 In my next blog I will tell you more about my journey in jewellerymaking, so if you are interested in receiving it, please subscribe by entering your email address in the box at the top righthand side.

Till next time ……….

And thanks for reading this to the end  ………

33 thoughts on “My first post ever ………

  1. I’m going to consider this your first “proper”, bloggy blog post, and as such I shall offer you my sincerest compliments and congratulations on it. I already knew the story but I loved reading it again X Keep ’em coming mom!

  2. Cecelia, I cannot believe you didn’t win a prize in 2014. As you say some people just ain’t got no taste! 🙂 At least you know that we’ve got taste and at every braai, the Jammerlappie dish you so cleverly and beautifully made gets used by one and all! 😉

  3. This is fantastic, Cecilia! Well done! Reading a blog is a first for me too and there are no spelling errors that I can see! X

  4. Dear Cecilia,
    The blog is great and very professionally done! Congratulations!
    I looked at everything with great interest and empathy!
    The jewelry and the ceramics that you’re creating with so much love and imagination are really wonderful and unique!
    Wishing you a very successful future exhibitions and presentations, as well as sales 🙂

  5. Good for you Cecilia and well done on your “blogger-setter-upper” too! I enjoyed your storytelling- style and agree with Suzy Kriek (who is very much a proper English-speaking Rose 😉 ). Your creativity and art is beautiful – both ceramics and jewellery. Keep it up and keep bligging. ☆☆☆☆☆

      1. Thanks Nettie! I got all excited, thought bligging was a new word we could use and then your Oops came through! Is there an Afrikaans word for blogging?

        1. Goeie vraag Cecilia, ek dra nie kennis van die korrekte Afrikaans daarvoor nie, maar sou dink e-dagboek (elektroniese dagboek) kan werk, wat dink jy? Ek sal bietjie by die taalkundiges uitvind.

  6. Hi Cecilia congrats on your first post and going international.Now please do bring my favourite pot around for a “fitting” at our offices.I can see now that you are going public I might end up losing out on it!

  7. Well done skoonsus (ex that is), but still family
    Love your ceramics and your jewelery
    My cousin Lerentia Basson, down in Cape Town is also a ceramics artist

  8. Congratulations on taking this step! Amazing sculptures, can’t wait to see the jewellery — I didn’t dare to stray from this page yet, because apparently South Africa is about as far away from Europe as the Moon (the US being much closer) judging from the trouble I had loading this page! (I would have thought WordPress had one server somewhere for all blogs??) And I do like your writing 🙂
    Yes, isn’t it weird how the net can feed our creativeness, without it we would just give up in our loneliness!

    1. Nice to meet you, Monica. I had a look at your jewellery, love your stuff! I too like the natural and organic look. Even though you are on the other side of the world, it feels like you are just in the next village, once we start talking to each other 🙂

      1. Thank you! But yours is much more professional — yes, I had no trouble looking at your jewellery a bit later, must have been some local disturbance in the net earlier. Some (many!) of your pieces are totally awesome! The ceramics is also incredibly good — my mum has had pottery as a hobby since the 80’s, so I’ve seen a lot…

  9. Nice to “meet” you (via Deborah’s blog) as well as to see your work–love that apple! My husband has been to South Africa, and a friend has just returned, but I’ll have to make do with whatever you have to share from there. Looking forward to more….

    1. Hi Gale, funny I was just looking at your blog too today 🙂 So vibrant and interesting and beautiful! Thanks for your lovely comments!

  10. Cecelia you are an absolute wonder. So artistic and creative.
    Keep up the blogging and carry on making beautiful things.

  11. Hi Cecelia, only read your blog now, also my first time into blogging! Really great, keep it coming. You already know how much we love your ceramics and jewellery!!

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