About Me

Profile PicWhether it be metal, wood or clay, I love to create unique pieces.

Making jewellery fulfills my need to design and create something that other people will enjoy as much as I do bringing a piece of metal to life.

Each piece is made individually from scratch by forming it with various hammers and mandrels and by sawing, snipping, doming, forging, soldering and texturing it until I have a piece that speaks to me.  It is not the quickest way to make jewellery, but it means that every groove and mark was put there by my hand.

I use mainly sterling silver but lately I have enjoyed using other metals in my pieces, especially brass.  It is a long forgotten and somewhat primitive metal, but with its rich warm sheen and relatively low price, I can use it in a generous way to create new pieces that don’t cost an arm and a leg.  I also love semi-precious stones and it features in many of my pieces.

I like texture in my work and am always looking for new ways to use it to create designs that feel both contemporary, authentic and unique.

I  now live in the lovely little village of Darling in the Western Cape, and the quiet serenity and beauty all around have inspired me to even greater heights of creativity.