About Me

Profile PicI have always loved working with my hands, designing, making and building things. Over the years I have practised many arts and crafts, mostly ceramics and more recently jewellery. During the past two years I have become obsessed with jewellerymaking and work mainly in Stirling Silver with accents of copper and 18ct gold. I use semi-precious stones and shells, which I source mostly from India.

I started making jewellery many, many years ago when I attended classes at the Yeoville Recreation Centre.  After a few years however, the ceramics bug got hold of me and I moved onto that.  I did not make any jewellery for about 30 years but recently though I needed a silver addition to one of my ceramic sculptures. I decided to try and do it myself and dug out my jewellerymaking tools, and once I started I was hooked again.

I started off by making jewellery only for myself, my daughters, family and friends, but lately I have been making more and more pieces on commission for other people.   It took me a while to find my own style, and like with my ceramics, organic and rustic pieces is what comes naturally to me.  Above all, I want my jewellery to be wearable and give joy to whomever is wearing it.  It warms my heart to see someone wearing and cherishing a piece that I had made.