About Me

Profile PicAfter doing ceramics for many years, I have re-discovered jewellery-making and it has become my latest passion.  When I was a young girl fresh out of high school, I attended a short course in jewellery-making at the Yeoville Recreation Centre, and was hooked.  I bought all the necessary  equipment to enable me to make basic jewellery and it became my latest hobby.  After a couple of years, however, I moved on to other things.  I mean, how many rings and necklaces could a girl have, right?

The years passed and I became involved in ceramics in a big way.  About four years ago, I was making my entry for  the South African Nationals, and I needed a Sterling Silver stalk for my “Black Apple” sculpture.  I remembered that I still had some Stirling Silver stashed away along with my jewellery-making equipment, and the rest is history!  I also noticed that my daughter loved wearing one of the rings I had made 40 years ago, and I decided that I can improve on that.  I so loved working in a so much smaller scale making jewellery as opposed to ceramics, that very soon I dropped the ceramics in favour of jewellery, and that is where we are today!


I use Sterling Silver, copper and brass and all my jewellery is designed and made in my studio at my home in Randburg, South Africa.  It is very important to me to stay true to myself and I create pieces  in my own unique organic and sometimes rustic style.  My eclectic collection of jewellery is conceived from a wide range of sources and above all I enjoy experimenting with new ideas and having fun while doing so.  All the stones and beads used in my designs are semi-precious and sourced from Africa, India and Thailand.